Friday, 26 January 2018

#WHERETOEAT: Scramble, Khobar (Saudi Arabia)

In my opinion, there aren't so many restaurants that you can find any good in Khobar (despite the fact that this is quite a large city in the Eastern Province of KSA). So when I finally found one, I suppose I could share such good news to everyone.

So this one is called Scramble and it's not so far from Al-Rashid Mall. Don't worry, I'll link you the exact location by the end of this post.

The interior is smart and cozy. I think it's perfect for just a cup of coffee, meeting a bunch of friends, brunch with your family, or maybe a small gathering? Anyway, they also provide high chairs for kids should you need any.

Based on my experiences eating there, all I can say that they offer pretty various kinds of meals. There are options for Middle Eastern delicacies such as Shaksouka and Ful Medames (Egyptian dish) or even Western food like waffles, pasta, etc.

Few of my favorites here:
  • Eggs Benedict
Now I know that this might be a little too obvious, but I just can't help it. They cook it just right so each bite didn't give me that "guilty" feeling afterwards. 

  • Mini Pancakes
Now the thing I don't like about "ordinary" pancakes in other restaurants, is that the portion is way too big for just one flavor offered. So whoever came up with this mini pancakes idea served in three flavors inside one plate is, I think, a total genius! Plus, the candy floss kind of reminds me of my childhood era. The pistachio and chocolate are not bad too!

As for the drinks, my favorite goes to the fresh juices as always! But of course you can always opt for coffee, tea, etc.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated to this restaurant. Just thought it would be nice to share, as per usual! :-)


Address: Al-Ulaya, Khobar 34447 SAUDI ARABIA
Telephone: +966138989897
Opening Hours: Sunday-Saturday, 6 AM to 9 PM
Instagram: @scramble_sa

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