Sunday, 10 December 2017

Bringing Your Toddler to Keukenhof

Gonna share my take on bringing little one to Holland's most beautiful tulips field. Doing it in pointers so everybody wins!
  • Before you go: Just to be on a safe side, I did make my reservation by purchasing Keukenhof entrance tickets in advance via the internet. You can check the updated ticket prices here. I believe buying online is still cheaper than on the site.
Expect a lot of folks, though!

  • What to bring besides diapers: A good pack of your kid's favorite snacks and drinks. Even tough it's fun, I think the route is not to be considered a very short walk. But, we ended up buying some food as well. There were fresh strawberries, Chocomel, etc. sold near the exit! 
Delish fuel

  • Where to change the nappies: Brown code? In Oranje Nassau building, there was a nice and spacious restroom that I could use to make my baby's butt back to squeaky clean. However, preparing your own mat (and of course plenty of wet wipes) might also be a good idea.

  • Not to be missed: The playground and also a little farm where our kid had some fun petting the adorable animals, such as chickens, pigs, llamas, ... (Well, her father petted. My daughter just watched). Located in between the Oranje Nassau and Willem-Alexander building, it's pretty huge you can't miss its crowds! 

  • Photo spots: Nearly every corner of the park, as each of the view over there is pleasingly wonderful. But, the short queue to take your pic on the "Whisper Boat" just in front of the windmill is also worth it! (It's not far from the Willem-Alexander building).
  • About baby gears: In my opinion, stroller is a must! Or, you can also bring a baby carrier if that's what suits you more. As far as I can remember, me (and my husband) had no problem carrying the stroller in and out of the public transportation from and to Keukenhof.

  • Getting there: Visiting Keukenhof was so easy because Holland public transportation proved to be excellent. We booked the Combi tickets from Amsterdam Centrum, but feel free to pick any departure point that's more accessible. Complete route can be found within this link

The best part of bringing your young kid (under 4 years old) to Keukenhof? It's free of charge. Purchase entrance tickets for accompanying adults here. That's all, HAVE FUN! 

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